Ever noticed a dampness in one or some of the rooms of your home?  Unbeknown to you, there could be a problem under your floor that just wont go away. Increasingly we have are coming across homes with small plumbing issues (e.g. blocked / eroded guttering or an underfloor leek) that are wrecking havoc with not only dampness in the home, but can be effecting the structural integrity of the prized possession, the family home.  In addition, damp and mould can result in toxicity levels that are unsafe to live in.  If you are agreeing with some of what you are reading, then immediate exploration should be undertaken.

As part of our service, WOW recognise these exact symptoms in a home when we are there carrying out regular cleaning jobs.  By doing so we have saved a number of homeowners from being lumped with high cost repair jobs, not only to the source of the problem but compounding damage over time. We engage the services of a qualified builder, plumber or similar to identify and fix the root of the cause.

In most cases, when there is surface damage due to a leak or gutter blockage, structural drying should take place immediately, carpet uplifted (and any skirting/gib pulled away) underlay replaced and  any remedial painting to be completed to finish the job.  A job easily repaired, with significantly less financial outlay, just by knowing what to look for.

This image below shows what was really going on under the floor… A quick visit from a builder confirmed there was a leek in the home’s guttering system, easily repaired.  But look what was happening inside the home as a result…